Athlete's 45-Day Speaker Mastery Blueprint

Leverage your athletic achievements to captivate audiences, secure lucrative speaking gigs, and command every stage with our risk-free, 45-day blueprint.

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Who is this for?

The Athlete's 45-Day Speaker Mastery Blueprint is tailored for former athletes who are looking to transition into a career that still allows them to inspire others. If you have a passion for personal development, a story to tell, and a desire to make a difference through motivational speaking, this plan is for you.

Only $997 $497 for a Limited Time

Time left to purchase at this price

"I’ve never been paid to speak before, can this still work for me?"

Absolutely. You've already faced high-pressure situations, whether on the field or court. Speaking is another stage where your discipline, resilience, and motivational skills can shine. You're not starting from scratch; you're leveraging a set of skills and experiences that many people spend years trying to develop AND will pay you big bucks to learn.

Only $997 $497 for a Limited Time

Time left to purchase at this price

🏆 45 Day Step-by-Step Blueprint

This is your roadmap, designed to take you from zero to securing paid speaking gigs in just 45 days. And the best part? You only need to commit a couple of hours a day.

🏆 Monetization Strategy

We'll teach you how to turn free gigs into paid opportunities and how to set your speaking fees so you're not just heard, but also well-compensated.

🏆 Target Audience Identification

Stop guessing who wants to hear you speak. We'll show you how to identify your target audience.

🏆 Unique Selling Proposition Crafting

You're not just another speaker, you're a game-changer. We'll help you articulate what makes you different.

🏆 Speaker’s Portfolio Creation

First impressions count. Your portfolio is your highlight reel and your resume all in one.

🏆 Content Strategy Guide

You've got the skills and the story, now you need the audience. Learn how to create content that not only showcases your expertise but also draws people into your world.

And More!

Our Ironclad 45-Day Success Guarantee

Immerse yourself in the blueprint. Apply every strategy, embrace every technique, and utilize the exclusive insights contained within. If, after 45 days of unwavering commitment, you don’t witness a tangible uptick in your ability to secure paid speaking engagements, we don’t want your money.

We’re presenting a path that’s completely free of financial risk. If you’ve committed to the process, applied the strategies, and yet the doors to paid speaking opportunities aren’t swinging wide open, a refund is yours for the asking. Just send a quick email to

🎁 Limited Time

Special Bonuses Included 🎁

Free Social Media Ad Tutorial

Learn how to use social media ads effectively without breaking the bank. 

Continues Improvement Roadmap

This guide will help you review your performance, gather feedback, and adjust for future gigs.

What Will You Achieve With This Blueprint?

  • A clear understanding of your target audience and unique selling proposition

  • A professional speaker's portfolio

  • A personal brand established through social media

  • Practical experience through initial speaking engagements

  • A YouTube channel and other content strategies to showcase your expertise

  • A webinar under your belt, complete with audience feedback

  • A roadmap for future opportunities and continuous improvement

Dr. Kevin Daley

*Former Harlem Globetrotter Captain for a Decade

*Award Winning Motivational Speaker

*Award Winning Author

"I've secured thousands and thousands of dollars as a former athlete turned motivational speaker. With this step-by-step blueprint, you can do the same. I don't hold back. Here's everything I know to get you paid speaking engagements consistently as a former athlete."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to commit each day?

The blueprint is designed to yield results with dedicated focused work time each day. The more time you invest, the quicker you'll see results and some days require less time than others. With that said, on average, it should take about an hour a day.

Do I need any prior speaking experience?

No prior speaking experience is required. The blueprint is designed to take you from zero to paid speaking gigs, covering all the basics and advanced strategies.

Is this blueprint suitable for athletes from all sports?

Absolutely! Whether you're a former baseball player, a retired football player, or an athlete from any other sport, the principles and strategies in this blueprint are universally applicable.

How tech-savvy do I need to be?

Basic computer skills are enough. The blueprint is user-friendly and we provide step-by-step guidance for any technical aspects.

What if I don't complete it in 45 days?

Life happens! You can go at your own pace, although following the 45-day plan will yield the quickest results.

Can I upgrade to the full coaching program later?

Absolutely, you can upgrade to our comprehensive coaching program at any time. To learn more contact us at

Do I get lifetime access?

Once purchased, you have lifetime access to the blueprint and all future updates.

Are there any prerequisites?

No prerequisites are required, just the willingness to learn and apply the strategies outlined.

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